What is the IMDb Starmeter?

      If you’re a working Actor in The United States using IMDb Pro then you may have been wondering what your Starmeter is and how it works…

      IMDb Pro’s Starmeter is an algorithmic ranking of who is getting the most views on their IMDb Page. And the lower the number, or in other words, closer to 1 you are, the better the ranking.

Fellow Actors & Producers have told me that this is the rule of thumb for Starmeter Rankings…

                              200,000 and below = consistently working Actor 

                              2,000 and below = a well-known Actor

                              200 and below  = Celebrity

     You could argue it is a popularity contest wherein celebrities dominate the highest rankings. But, this is not always the case. 

Why Views on Your IMDb Page Do Not Equate Only Popularity

1. Actors who recently passed away get more eyes on the IMDb pages. So, even after death, your ranking can briefly go up. 

2. Actors’ scandals can also cause more people to look at their IMDb page, and in turn, raise their ranking. 

3. Actor’s who get more work get more views because Casting Directors are checking out their demo reels, headshots, past work, and Starmeter. So, you can have an Actor who is not necessarily an A-List celebrity being next to in ranking to an A-List celeb. 

4. Sometimes someone with a higher celebrity-status can be ranked below someone less famous!

5. Directors and producers however, do sometimes look at Starmeter rankings when casting for projects. So regardless of how you got your ranking, it will definitely help to get more eyes on you, and in turn, maybe more work. 

6. There are also claims that the Starmeter is rigged by white privilege, which is kind of hard to dispute because as of today (June 12th, 2021) as I look at the Starmeter rankings, I only see white/white-passing actors listed until #46…

Just remember…


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Social Media Wellness for Creatives

As someone who struggles with social media wellness myself - I swear I’m addicted to my phone, checking my email etc..- I wanted to impart a few tips that I think can help you manage your social media instead of letting your social media manage you. 

17 Tips on Avoiding Social Media Burnout

1. Utilize the “Focus Mode” or “Personal Time” on your phone

(I do this when I’m working out)

2. Set app timers. TikTok, Instagram and many others will send you a notification when you’ve reached the limit of time you want to spend on their app

3. Have a professional account and a personal account that you can just have fun on

4. Have a work phone and a personal phone (If you can afford it)

5. Rather than have 1 goal for every app, divide your usage goals for each app. For example, I have the most fun and laughs on Twitter. So, I try to have the most fun on Twitter, on both my personal and professional accounts. I also have the most fun consuming TikTok videos rather than making them. 

6. Repurpose your content so that there’s less work to do. Take that monologue and post it on YouTube, then, if it’s under 3 minutes, post it on TikTok and then Instagram. You can post the preview of the monologue as a reel and then post the complete work again on IGTV

7. Turn your phone on Airplane Mode at a set time every work day. I turn mine off at 11pm

8. If you find yourself repeating yourself a lot in your IG DMs, use Mobile Monkey! It will make everything a lot easier. 

9. Don’t engage with trolls, and unfollow those who hurt you or whose beliefs you don’t believe with. 

10. Be efficient, quality over quantity. I know this goes against the Influencer-Advice of posting daily but unless you want to be an influencer, it just becomes draining. Don’t feel guilty for not posting. Aim for once a week but if it ends up being once a month, don’t stress. 

11. Utilize the app that will best serve your goals the most. Instagram for Models and brands, YouTube for Actors, TikTok for Singers etc…

12. Features are a great way to grow your exposure without doing the work yourself. 

13. Don’t compare yourself to others, you’ll get there when you get there. 

14. Do the work you do in life! If you do great work in life, like starring in a movie, doing a commercial, releasing an album etc… People will naturally flock to your socials. Your job is your job. Unless you’re getting paid by platforms, it’s not your job. 

15. Enable the “Dark Mode” or “Yellow Light” on your phone at night. Don’t let the screens disrupt your sleep. 

16. You can turn off the “Show Likes” on Instagram!

17. Make a posting schedule according to your Insights (Estadísticas) to know when’s most efficient to post and when it’s best to go offline.

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