List of Modeling Agencies


  • Ethos
  • Liz J
  • DMM Management
  • Jones Model Management 
  • Spirit
  • Yanii Models
  • Zodiac Management
  • Ursula Weidmann


  • Long Island Models
  • Ef Model Management
  • Bella Agency
  • Ursula Weidmann
  • CESD Talent Agency
  • Abbey Lynn BK
  • The Btwn
  • Maggie Agency (MA)
  • New Icon
  • No Agency
  • Dreamland
  • Fenton Models
  • IPM
  • Women 360
  • WeSpeak
  • Heroes
  • Vie Agency
  • JMB
  • Dot Models
  • IPM
  • Dorothy Combs
  • APM
  • Role Models
  • LA Model Management
  • Mavrick Artists Agency
  • Rage Models
  • Natural Models
  • Firm Model & Talent
  • Photogenics
  • DTO Models
  • Storm LA
  • Locke LA
  • Freedom Models
  • Brand Models
  • Dragon Fly
  • Lovestone
  • Two Management 
  • Minelli
  • Off Shore
  • Stetts
  • Q Models
  • Louisa 
  • DNA
  • Off Shore
  • Click Models (NY & Philly & ATL)
  • Fenton
  • Women Mgmt
  • LVN Artists

Example Model Rates

The reason Models don’t publish their rates is because they change quickly as the Model becomes more developed/experienced. And they change greatly depending on the client. There is also a fair amount of negotiating that goes into the rates of individual jobs.

But this doesn’t help new freelance Models figure out how much they should charge and it contributes to the outbreak of Models, Instagram Models, and Brand Ambassadors being low-balled today.

I remember on my 1st go-see with a major denim brand -that I procured on my own- I was just starting out and was signed to a scam agency and wasn’t taught what my rates should be. When I told the designer I charged $150 flat rate an hour her exact response was, “you can charge more”. My lack of experience was made evident then and in the end it contributed to why I didn’t book the job.

There is a recent phenomenon of Brand Ambassadors, Models, and Instagram Models charging too little as a result of brands low-balling them due to the creation of Brand Ambassadors.

Even though Models and Brand Ambassadors are different professions; which overlap within the profession of Instagram modeling, they all are being low-balled. And they all deserve to be paid more.

Many Models complain that because Brand Ambassadors will work for less, they flooded the market and made brands uninterested in paying high rates for Models when they can save basically their entire budget on Brand Ambassadors. And this happened because it is a profession that the public can quickly get into. And the general public is unaware of Model rates. 

I propose a solution of teaching Brand Ambassadors, Instagram Models, and Models to charge more! If they can’t afford you, that’s it. Move on. This is the only way to reset the market and to get everyone paid what they deserve!

So to help, here are some EXAMPLE rates for a NEW (has worked for less than a year) FREELANCE Model working in NEW YORK. 

(These rates are not definite and should be viewed as a general example rather than an end all be all)

☆ When figuring out your rates you need to take into account your…

1. Years of Experience

2. Whether your signed or freelance

3. Location

These are example rates I found through a YouTube video. Do your research and Google more example Model rates. There’s hella stuff on YouTube!

(These rates are not definite and should be viewed as a general example rather than an end all be all)

An influencer told me this is how much she charges per post and I derived this formula for how much to charge a brand per feed post through her rates.

(These rates are not definite and should be viewed as a general example rather than an end all be all)

Using Format