Actor Headshots VS Model Portraits

I hear a lot of people mix up these definitions so I thought I’d clear up the misunderstanding…

          Only Actors get headshots done. Models do not.

          However, both Models and Actors can have portraits done. 

Headshots are different from portraits because they show what roles you can play, they are either straight on or at a slight facial angle, they’re always chest to head, never just neck up, and they have a different function than portraits. Also, casting directors for acting will look at an Actor’s headshot along with their résumé. Whereas, casting directors for modeling will look at either you in person, your digitals, your portfolio (which includes portraits) or any combination of those items.

Portraits showcase beauty.

Headshots show what acting roles you could play.

(Or if your in business / real estate, simply what you look like with a trustworthy expression)

*Check out the “Headshots” highlight on my Instagram to see example Actor headshots!

My Actor headshot is the one in the denim, my Model portrait is the image in the black tank.

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