About Victoria

A NY Hispanic - Jew with 4 Spanish/Italian/Jewish half-sisters and 4 Vietnamese/Japanese step-siblings. Victoria lives 5 minutes from New York City. She is non-exclusive with NYMMG and unrepped as an Actor. She is trained as a Singer for over a decade and studied Costume Design for 3. Graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A in Theatre and concentrations in  Music/Spanish/Japanese. 

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HEIGHT: 5'4"

CHEST: 41" 

WAIST: 36" 

HIPS: 48" 


EYE COLOR: Blue-Grey



"I take pride in my work as a creative and an artist. My pursuit of the arts began when I was a child and my mother first taught me how to paint and I have taken voice lessons since the age of 12. I have also been acting since middle school. But modeling and designing were unexpected and are newer passions of mine. However, I still put my whole heart and all my efforts into them." 

- Victoria Pousada Kreindler

Interview with Medium

Victoria Kreindler - A Creative to Watch Out for

By James Anderson

May 24, 2020  4 min read

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